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Electrical Equipment

Electrical cabinets and cases, Automatic safety systems, Equipped shelters: Design, research, manufacture, cabling, functional testing and commissioning. Avioll Group partners with industrial companies, engineering firms, machine manufacturers and energy producers in renewable energy electricity production projects:

  • High power fuel cells (several hundred kilowatts);
  • Manufacture and storage of hydrogen from solar energy;
  • Hydroelectric power stations and dams (up to several hundred Megawatts);
  • Installation of steam turbines in household waste incineration plants (UIOMs).

New build or revamping operation, Avioll Group takes part in all phases of the project:

  • Engineering;
  • General electrical installation analyses;
  • Technical electrical, instrumentation and loop diagram analyses;
  • Cable schedules;
  • Level I and II automatic system architectures;
  • Automatic SIL (Safety integrity level) 2 and SIL 3 safety systems and safety analyses;
  • Programming of automatic systems and supervisors;
  • Test procedure drafting;
  • Compliance documentation.

We can offer to you:

  • Manufacture of the electrical equipment. Integration of the equipment in the shelters with bespoke equipment configurations;
  • Electrical and functional tests;
  • Using dedicated test beds and simulators;
  • Synchronous, semi-synchronous and loop tests;
  • Performance tests;
  • On-site assembly supervision;
  • Industrial commissioning.