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Mechanical Components

For critical mechanical safety components Avioll Group co-designs fastener parts ensuring they perfectly comply with the customer's specific needs and highest industry safety standards. The co-design process makes it possible to factor in the constraints and limits of the processes used at as early a stage as possible. Avioll Group rigorous project management and customer supplier co-design result in short lead times and fosters rapid industrial implementation for mechanical safety components.

Co-design helps our development and manufacturing teams shorten the design phase whether the safety components will be manufactured using high-precision machining, cold forging, crimping, welding and assembly solutions. Whatever the process, customers can be assured of receiving perfectly designed zero-defect quality products.

A mechanical component ensures the guidance, load transmission and energy absorption functions of the system it will be fitted into.

Avioll Group's mechanical safety components offering consists of:

  • - Netshape components enabling tight control of materials costs;
  • - High-precision components;
  • - Parts providing full mastery of materials deformation;
  • - Multi-material and multi-process components in order to meet all functional needs.

Whether the components are co-designed or designed by our design team, the mechanical safety components are comply with all customer requirements in terms of safety, performance and cost.